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A new vampire is in

Another vampire book you say? Another teen angsty book about the supernatural? It's no surprise that there are a plethora of supernatural books all dealing with the same creatures. Werewolves, fae, shifters, dragons, vampires, angels, and demons. We all have read stories about them some are better than others but there is something appealing about getting into a book that creates such a magical and impressive world that almost makes it real.

I love a great heroine that has a strong personality and doesn't run from a fight and a storyline that has suspense, intrigue, and possibly a little romance thrown in there.

I stumbled upon Crave in an Instagram post and even though I have a whole shelf dedicated to my To Be Read Books I couldn't resist a good vampire story. As I do, I read reviews to see what other readers are feeling about the newest vampire in town. And it was mixed. Some hated it and thought it was boring and uneventful. Others compared Crave to Twilight which I understand because the idea is similar. Girl goes to school, sees a hot guy, hot guy happens to be a vampire, she finds out, falls in love, trouble happens, both parties get injured and then we wait until the next book to see what happens. But comparing this book to Twilight does it disservice. There is more to the story and other elements that are introduced to build upon the old and true vampire love story.

I don't want this review to be a comparison so I will go right into letting you know how I found Crave to be.

Grace recently lost her parents and is now forced to live with her Uncle in a mountainside academy in Alaska where not all is what it seems. Secrets are kept and Grace is the odd one left out. She meets Jaxson and has no idea he is a vampire, nor what the other students are as she thinks everyone is human. Things start to happen to her that clearly state she is not wanted at the school. There are some plot twists and some action and then it ends on a cliffhanger. There are two other books coming out so be warned they won't be out for a while.

First of all, I liked the book, it took me a little bit to get into it because it was slow but once I got past a few chapters it picked up. I did have a few grievances with the storyline. The writing was great by the way, I just had an issue with how things played out.

Everything that happens to Grace happened within a 2 week period. How is this possible? She barely went to school. Also, there wasn't a build-up of romance between Jaxon and Grace it just happened and I didn't feel connected to either one. I do wish there was more time spent on the side characters because they seemed fun and the interaction would have added to the development of the plot. The direction of the storyline is great but I needed more build-up or something. It all happened so quickly.

I will definitely finish off the series when they come out because I think where it left off was interesting. It's not Twilight nor can it be Twilight. Read the book and see for yourself. I think it is a worthy read. Looking forward to seeing how the story formulates.

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