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Comfort Foods - Arroz con Pollo

There are days when all I want to do is go home, shower, crawl into bed and marathon Supernatural. In the midst of showering and my bed, I smother my feelings with comfort foods and this recipe reminds me of the simpler days of no bills, not having to work long hours, basically not being an adult. Arroz Con Pollo is a family recipe that has satisfied my need for comfort food. I have not attempted to make this with brown rice or any other type of rice so if you want a healthier version go for it!


· 3 1/2 lbs chicken, cut in pieces (I use chicken thighs because it doesn't dry out)

· 3 cups long-grain rice

· 3 1/2 cups water

· 1/2 cup basic sofrito (Goya sells an already made jar)

Or use · 1/4 onion, green pepper, chopped and 3 smashed garlic cloves

· 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin

· 1 teaspoon cilantro and annatto seasoning

· 2 oz tomato sauce

· 2 tablespoons oil

· Salt and black pepper to taste


Season chicken with Adobe seasoning. Heat the oil in a Dutch oven to medium heat. Stir in chicken and cook until done, remove and cut into pieces (lengthwise)

Stir in sofrito, season, tomato sauce, cumin and sauté for about 4 minutes at low heat.

Stir in rice. Mix well with the sofrito, add water; bring to boil.

When rice is boiling, lower heat to the lowest heat setting and cover. Continue cooking for about 20 to 25 more minutes, until rice is completely cooked.

Once cooked, stir and add the chicken. Cover; let cook for 10 more minutes.

I end up adding peas when I add the chicken.

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