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Kindness Matters

I had high hopes for 2021 as a fresh start, a reset, but in some ways it feels like an extension of 2020. A never ending year. Everything feels muddled with no clear direction, or some light of hope in the future. What does all this have to do with kindness? A lot. Bear with me as I ramble for a few minutes to get to my point. Its a good point I promise. I recently joined Tik Tok and mostly post videos of my cats which people seem to love, because who doesn't love a good cat video? When I scroll through my For You Feed, I stumble upon tons of videos from workouts, to breakup stories, to pranks and anything in between. Its a never ending source of material, either entertaining, educational or motivational. But there is a darker side to Tik Tok and all of social media. It is the lack of kindness. Yes we all have varying opinions and should be free to express them but not when those opinions are malicious and mean. By bullying and harassing a user, or just making senseless mean comments, it becomes toxic and uncalled for. I don't understand the reason to say something mean to a person, what does it achieve? There are no bonus points in life that you get by being an asshole. Its like humanity has disappeared. Common sense has been forgotten.

The world seems so bleak when there is so much negativity. I feel when there is some positivity trying to make its way to the top it gets shot down by the naysayers. Comments like, why did they have to video themselves doing a good deed, how selfish. Maybe the person was videoing to let others know hey look at this, you can do this too. Let them be motivated to be kind and thoughtful. Its not always about us, we live in a world filled with people and we have to take our neighbors into consideration. We have just one life to live, some may have a short life, other a long one so why waste it on being so hateful and negative.

I grew up in Zambia, a country in Africa, and there was a Zambian proverb that said: Those who laugh at other’s mistakes often make the same mistakes themselves. Lets learn from each other and not defeat someones spirit. Everyones battle looks different and you may be surprised on what you find out when being kind.

Share your stories of kindness across social media, don't let anyone steal your kindness, your shine, your enthusiasm to live a better life and to bring joy to another human, even if its for 30 small seconds.

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