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The review of a memoir

There are two different types of book people. Those who scoff at romances and read-only non-fiction and autobiographies and those who live the fiction is everything life. I am with fiction is everything life. I was never attracted to reading about someone's life or a historical version of someone from the past. It wasn't exciting or imaginative. I want to be transported into a different world from where I am currently. Interestingly enough, I found a book about someones life that I enjoyed. It helps that I am a fan so learning about their lives before fame was intriguing and to see another side of their lives outside of the box they are put in makes for a great book.

Today's review is on the memoir is Elvis Duran Where do I Begin; Stories (I sort of Remember) from a Life Lived Out Loud. This book tells the story of Elvis Duran the host of the Elvis Duran Morning Show, a syndicated radio show from New York. I really enjoyed the tellings of his life because he started to feel real. Sometimes when I watch certain celebrities on social media and do interviews, they don't seem authentic. Obviously I don't know them personally but when a celebrity writes a book about their mistakes and puts them into life lessons then they become real. I loved that this book had those life lessons, the lessons of going after your own happiness and not letting anyone dictate what you want to be when you grow up. Create your own path and space that fits you. One thing that stood out to me and has kept with me over the days, is that Elvis has a way of empowering you with his stories and at the end of his book (no spoilers) there is A Letter to My Younger Self. One part of the letter that really stuck with me is about letting go of the fear, knowing you will lose a few times before you win. Playing it safe can't bring you the sweet taste of success. Put it all out there. These words have empowered me to face my anxiety of failing, my anxiety of not being good enough and knowing what I need to do make myself happy.

If there is one memoir to pick up, pick this one. It will make you laugh, make you sad, but always make you realize what you can change your life for the better. The storytelling is truly magical.

What have you read recently that has stayed with you? Words of wisdom you kept?

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