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Unboxing a bookish box

When I can't sleep or am incredibly bored which seems to happen more often these days, I turn to Facebook videos and see what other people are doing with their lives. I mostly stick to the book community and my feed is filled with new releases, excited fans sharing their experiences, and authors sharing tidbits of their lives. I don't necessarily want to make a video, but I wanted to share something fun that is book related.

When scrolling through my newsfeed, I kept seeing these monthly subscription boxes, some were for food deliveries, some were for entertainment and others were solely for books. I researched which one would be the best fit for my interests and I came across The Bookish Box. I am going to do my best to give this a review and share my thoughts. A quick note before I dive in: I did get this information from the website. This can change at any moment so if you are interested please visit the Bookish Box for more details and the most current pricing and subscription options!

These wonderful goodies are delivered once a month in a very cute box that easily fits in your mailbox. Each month a theme is picked and the contents relate to that month's theme. Very original and clever.

Side note: So unfortunately for the March Box, I didn't receive it until the end of April due to the Coronavirus and shipping issues. The company was on top of sending out up-to-date information on what was happening so I was not disappointed with the level of customer service and I am still waiting on Aprils Box. #GoAwayRona

March's theme was Gods and Goddess. Usually, they will have illustrated dust jackets specifically designed for the Bookish Shop which is awesome because you get a one of a kind book artwork. All the goodies are made just for the box and the theme.

And here were the goodies for March:

The book is Bone Crier's Moon by Kathryn Purdie.

Bone Criers are the last descendants of an ancient famille charged with using the magic they draw from animal bones to shepherd the dead into the afterlife—lest they drain the light from the living.

Ailesse has been prepared since birth to become their matriarch, but first she must complete her rite of passage: to kill the boy she’s destined to love.

Bastien’s father was slain by a Bone Crier and he’s been seeking revenge ever since. Now his vengeance must wait, as Ailesse’s ritual has begun and their fates are entwined—in life and in death.

Now down to the details of what you get and how it works.

When signing up you can choose from several plans for YA (Young Adult) books.

Plan 1 is a YA book, goodies, and a shirt

Plan 2 is a YA book and goodies (this is the one I have - I pay about $37/month for my box)

If you are not a fan of YA then there are adult boxes you can choose

Plan 1 is an adult book, goodies, and a shirt

Plan 2 is an adult book and goodies

If you don't want a book but just the goodies there is a plan for that too.

Plan 3 is just the shirt and goodies, no books

You don't get to pick the books that come in the box but you are notified of the month's theme. The company does great messaging so you will always know of the themes, what extras you can add to your box as well as info on special edition boxes. Special edition boxes are not included in the subscription, and sometimes are priced a little higher but the goodies are worth it. These sell out very quickly. Usually, the company will email out a link of when they are available. You can also order the month box if not sold out but may not include certain items.

The great thing about this company is that they have a shop that has many other book-related knick-knacks. I recently bought sweatpants with a quote from ACOTAR and they are the most comfortable sweatpants ever.

There is so much more information I can go on about but go check it out and see for yourself. Also, their social media is filled with book-related activity and if you are a book addict like me you will love this box.

Any suggestions on other book-related boxes? I am looking to get another one!

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